“Know your real pride”

~International Leadership Excellence Awards 2020

The titles offered by RULA INTERNATIONAL AWARDS aims at supporting an individual or an institution who pushes the boundaries of business to stand out of the existing in the market. This Business Award in India, creates a world-wide recognition and reserves the own space in the market for the winning profiles.

As a prospective recipient of these fabulous events, the individual or an institution will have an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to: -Renew acquaintances and make new contacts in the Professional Corporate atmosphere of this high-society event. Enjoy the great International Ceremonial Reception and honored by prominent representatives of Corporate Society. 

BENEFITS / SIGNIFICANCE  (Services covered in Marketing & Branding Charges):

  1. International Achievement Medal
  2. Achievement Trophy Engraved with Recipient Name and Title
  3. Premium Quality Award Plaque with Recipient’s Award Title and Name
  4. Awardee can have a complimentary stall space to exhibit and promote their esteemed brand and products
  5. Guidance for Other Professional Services and your business opportunities in India
  6. Awardee is free to exhibit slide presentation of his / her company’s brand as a token of promotion in India for getting connected with both buyers as well as sellers
  7.  New Business Opportunities, Contacts and tie-ups and also the recipient of Award can establish their own service with other leading corporate and leading personalities in the Grand Gala
  8.  Include your Company Logo in Business News Magazine
  9.  Inclusion of your brand in Sponsorship Partners for reach-ability
  10. ½ Page, Full Color Company Advertisement in World Business Peace Awards Souvenir Program
  11. Inclusion of your company name as part of list of awardees in Business News Magazine
  12. Inclusion of your company logo in all social media of World Business Peace Awards (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  13. Use Of Award Winning Logo professionally on brochures, leaflets and other official things
  14. Right to use the “Winner of World Business Peace Award 2019” Seal in all your marketing campaign
  15. Press releases
  16. Networking Dinner
  17. Conference Kit & Award ceremony prospectus
  18. Recipient’s Business’s Quality Assurance
  19. Life-time Membership & Accreditation in World Business Foundation(WBF)
  20. Photographs, Video, Press Releases and other candid shots of awarding moments
  21. Special Invitation for Recipient of Award
  22. Surprise Gaming Event: Spot games that are fun based as well as skill based for the recipient as well as to his / her accompanies
  23. Surprise Gifts to the surprise events winners
  24. Media Publicity & Recipient’s Business Promotional Activities
  25. Attracts Customer towards your brand or services


In case of absence, after making your award title copy right and branding charges, Your Trophy, Certificate Award Plaque, conference kit and Achievement Medal will be couriered to your registered address through Blue-dart.